Gailen David

Where is Gailen? 

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Creative Director

Gailen David creates engaging satire and parody video series, for all types of enterprises, that increase awareness in fun and entertaining ways. Gailen began creating comedic corporate training videos in 2006 and created a successful video series, dedicated to the labor movement, which made national headlines. He enjoys working with brands, political campaigns, not-for-profits and other organizations to develop and produce videos that create laughs, share important messages and make lasting impressions.  

On-Air Host &
Executive Producer

Gailen David is co-creator, executive producer and host of the nationally syndicated travel talk-show,
The Jet Set; televised in over 200 TV markets in the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean. 

Airline Travel Expert

Gailen lends his expertise in airline safety, customer service and labor issues to news organizations including USA Today, CNN, HLN, NPR, and others; sharing his experience gathered as a 24-year flight attendant with
American Airlines. 

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Speaker ∙Author

Gailen speaks on a variety of topics ranging from the airline customer experience to Jetiquette - a civilized approach to travel. His Jetiquette Training Program, for front-line employees, has received the
Travel Weekly Magellan Award. 

Gailen's Current Projects:

The Jet Set

World's First Travel Themed Talk-Show

Executive Producer, On-Air Host, Co-creator 

The Jet Set, now in its third season, is an award winning show designed to reinvent travel television and keep pace with the professional, leisure and aspiring traveler by experiencing the sights, sounds and scenery of destinations around the world or here at home, along with you!

As the first hybrid talk and travel show, ‘The Jet Set’ is anchored from its ‘jet’ television set complete with an airplane wing desk and actual set pieces built from a decommissioned Boeing 747. Alternatively, like other travel shows, ‘The Jet Set’ hits the road to feature destinations, attractions, festivals and unique adventures.

Travel and talk veterans Gailen David, Bobby Laurie and health and wellness expert Nikki Noya will keep you in the loop each week with a wide variety of guests from the entertainment and travel worlds, on-location experiences, and insight into the latest trends and current events.

But more importantly, we let you in on the fun and reinforce that you don’t need to “jet” to be part of the “Jet Set” experience!

Author, Speaker, Ambassador ∙Jetiquette

Jetiquette has morphed into a global movement to return more civility to the travel experience. Travelers are showing more consideration and courtesy towards those they encounter along the way as airlines, airports, hotels and other travel providers work to elevate the customer experience. 

The "Jetiquette...The Customer Experience and You" training program was recognized by Travel Weekly Magazine and received "The Magellan Award" in 2008. Gailen's from-the-heart program focused on showing front-line workers how valuable they really are and shared his own methods for recognizing and savoring the many rewards that come from making the travel experience special for someone else. 

First Flight Out

Pan Am Exhibit and Travel Emporium

Co-Founder, Creator and Curator ∙ The First Flight Out

Pan American World Airways shaped air travel for decades and played a major role in developing everything from navigational systems, the first widely used intercontinental jet aircraft and even the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet. The First Flight Out pays tribute to Pan Am's legacy and offers visitors the opportuntiny to fly back in time via 'The World's Most Experienced Airline'. 

The First Flight Out is a travel emporium with clothing, swimwear, accessories, luggage and of course the famous Pan Am carry-on bags and accessories along with an extensive Pan Am history exhibit! Relax in our Pan Am 747 cabin and pour a glass of champagne in the upper deck galley!