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Man of the Moment

Co-founder of the recently launched travel TV show The Jet Set, the broadcaster aims to bring luxury back to the travel experience.

“I watched the travel industry change so much from the Golden Age. When I started as a flight attendant for American Airlines, it was right at the tail end of the best of times. Flying was becoming mass transportation. I was at American for almost 25 years, and I started producing a lot of the company’s videos and writing its curriculum for conferences, which got me into production. When I was at American, I had my own opinions about what would make travel better, and I just started going on morning news shows all over the United States, providing tips and talking about jetiquette. It’s more important than ever for people to be considerate of each other. Bobby Laurie and I developed the idea for The Jet Set and created a whole talk show around travel—bringing you back to the Golden Age of travel [some parts of the set are crafted from a deconstructed Boeing 747], and now we’re able to bring anything into the conversation.”

Shot on location at The Jet Set Studio

National Public Radio

Gailen David on NPR

Gailen on NPR

The Jet Set

Gailen & Nikki travel to Miami, Florida to go behind the scenes of aircraft model maker "Atlantic Models" and visit with owners, Carol and Roger Jarman.

Atlantic Models are on display at museums and airline headquarters around the world.

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